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High Speed Drill Attachments    

High Speed Angle Drill Attachments

The ZT556/ZT557/ZT558 series flat offset angle drill attachments have been designed to run at any speed up to 6000 rpm in the tightest and most demonding applications. This angle drill is well suited for all metallic, graphite and composite materials used in the aircraft industry today.


• Standard duty.
• Driveshaft and idler gear shafts are all supported by ball bearings.
• Driveshafts are available with 1/4” round (no suffix), 1/4” round with three flats (TF) and quick change (QC) drive shafts.
• Spindle gears are available with standard 10-32 (D) and 1/4-28 (C) internal threads.
• And many more.